Top 10 Fascinating Moringa Leaf Powder Benefits

One of the most praised plants for its abundant health benefits is Moringa. Even scientists have researched, investigated and declared the health benefits of Moringa.

Moringa Oleifera has multiple health benefits. It is gaining more and more popularity in the recent days as a ‘superfood.’ What is Moringa good for? Well, the list of benefits you derive from Moringa can be very long.

Herewith the Top 10 Benefits of drinking Moringa:

  1. Immunity

One of the best Moringa benefits is its super immune-boosting powers. Maintaining a healthy immune system is essential for helping our bodies stave off infections and illnesses. Moringa Oleifera leaves are an extremely rich source of:

  • Iron and Vitamin A

Both of them are essential for the normal functioning of the immune system.

Many studies have been done about Moringa’s potential as an anti-cancer agent. Moringa leaves have been shown to have beneficial properties in the fight against both breast and colon cancer cells and research is ongoing.

2. Anti-Diabetic

Typically used in traditional medicines, recent scientific studies have confirmed that moringa is in fact a successful way to treat diabetes, and is proven to decrease blood glucose level.

Additionally, further research has shown that those eating a diet rich in plant proteins can reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes (T2D). A 19 year study by the University of Eastern Finland has found that replacing just 5 grams of meat-based protein consumption a day with a plant-based source, could reduce risk of T2D onset by as much as 18% – Moringa contains 25% plant protein.

3.  Energy

Moringa is a rich source of iron and calcium.   Both of it support energy-yielding metabolism.

4.  Digestion

Moringa powder is a rich source of calcium and it also contains fibre. Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.  Fibre can help support a healthy digestive system and bowel regularity.

5.  Anti-Stress

A 2010 study in the Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics confirmed that the leaves of the Moringa tree are a powerful, natural adaptogen. Adaptogens are herbs or plants that protect the body from the toxic effects of stress. Used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, they help reduce stress and improve attention and endurance in the face of fatigue. Studies indicate that adaptogens not only help the body to cope with stress, but can enhance general health and performance.

6.  Muscle Growth

The protein content of Moringa Leaf Powder is unusually high for a plant – it is almost 25% protein.

The high protein content of Moringa makes it particularly beneficial for vegans and vegetarians who can struggle to get a sufficient protein supply.

7.  Skin

Moringa Leaf Powder contains Vit A & E.  Vitamin A is essential for healthy, radiant skin and vitamin E protects cells from oxidative stress helping fight the signs of ageing.  It also contains 6 times the antioxidants of Goji berries. Antioxidants are essential for protecting, repairing and preventing cell damage, minimising the ageing process of the skin in the long-term.

8.  Reduction of Tiredness and Fatigue

Moringa Leaf Powder contains Iron and Vit A.  Iron is essential for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue in the body and vitamin A supports the metabolism of iron ensuring a greater uptake. It’s ideal for vegan, vegetarians and those suffering from anaemia.

9.  Vision

Moringa Leaf Powder is a source of vitamin A which contributes to normal vision.

10.  Bones

Maintaining strong and healthy bones is an important component of overall health. Moringa Leaf Powder are arich source of vitamin K, protein and calcium all of which support normal bones.